Champions League: goalless draw “Dynamo” and “Napoli”. Video of the match

Champions League: goalless draw “Dynamo” and “Napoli”. Video of the match

On the eve of Dynamo shared the points with Napoli and lost chances to continue struggle in the European competitions.

90 minutes in the match in which the guests were satisfied with just the victory, they took a single kick to the Italians. The aggravation at the gate “Dynamo” arose with an enviable regularity – if not for Artur Rudko, great acting, and Yevhen Khacheridi, who won the 100% martial arts, the people of Kiev to leave Naples with another defeat.

Maurizio Sarri (Napoli): “the players today don’t particularly care. By their actions, created the impression that a draw and a win for them — equivalent results. At the end of the match they did have. In short, the will to win we got today was not so high.”

Serhiy Rebrov (Dynamo): “no One can say that we played to a 0-0 draw and trying to keep this account. We played against a very serious team, and gave her to create moments. It’s all thanks to a balanced game in attack and defense.”

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