In Odessa build an elite yacht club

In Odessa build an elite yacht club

Journalists have found out, the unhappy citizens and what will happen to the coastal zone.

The problem of development of the coast and got to the satellite city of Odessa — South. Local town planning Board approved the detailed plan of the territory (DPT) Sychowski between the pond and the shoreline, according to which there appears in the future of the yacht tourism complex. For the implementation of the plan has already found foreign partners and investors who have agreed to develop the project and to invest in the construction of the sea. However, local residents fear to remain without a public beach. Journalise found out, the unhappy citizens and what will happen to the coastal zone, reports citing .

A place for the new yacht club is planning to create by artificial means: according to the preliminary plan in the coastal zone in the area of so-called youth beach dig closed the Harbor where arrange Parking for yachts. The mayor of the South Vladimir Novatsky told “Today” that the yacht club is only part of a large complex. “There will be a developed infrastructure: hotels and places to stay,” explained Nowacki, noting that to participate in the construction have already agreed to investors from Germany. By the way, city officials hope several sources of funding, since the preliminary project cost is from 180 to 200 million euros.
Before city Council approves the work plan, the project should be discussed at public hearings which will be held in two weeks. But now the residents of the city were divided. So, a resident of South Victor Tsymbal believes that the yacht club is a good investment for the city. “It gets us more “expensive” tourists,” — says Victor.

Those plans of the municipality are unhappy, believe that more attention should be paid to the repair of roads, not the Parking lot for yachts. Southerners believe: despite assurances from officials that the public beaches will not be affected, new harbour all the same will divide the coast into two parts 60-metre canal and other places people will have to take the bypass. “It will not be possible to simply get on a youth beach, and wild fans will have to swim across,” says local resident Alexander Malitsky.

While in the South only prepared to discuss a development project in the Black sea (the former Ukraine) and Odessa people come out to protest. So, yesterday, the Odessa activists picketed the city Council building, demanding to stop the development of green areas by the sea: they think it’s inappropriate to build a 16-storey high-rise, which according to the new PTA can build in the center of the memorial complex “411-I battery”. “We are talking about the grove, which is the last oasis of nature,” — wrote on his page in the social network Odessa activist Arsen Grigoryan.Meanwhile, in the Black sea after many demonstrations of residents against the building of the Bank, officials created the special Commission which should investigate the legality of the construction of the hotel near the resort by the sea.

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