Minimal salary rise: one of the Ukrainians will be checked

Minimal salary rise: one of the Ukrainians will be checked

State employees with part-time working and part-time will be checked.

The transfer of public sector employees on part-time employment or shorter working day due to the increase in the minimum wage are invalid. In an interview with Radio Liberty, said the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko, wrote with reference to .

“We’re talking about that in the public sector – medical, health, social services, culture – the government will not allow the transfer of people on reduced working hours and part-time jobs,” – said Rozenko.

Rozenko noted that this issue is fully controlled by the Cabinet of Ministers. In particular, set up a special Commission under the chairmanship Rozenko, which included Ministers, representatives of the State inspection on labour issues and the State fiscal service.

“We will weekly monitor the situation in the regions, especially in the first three months, and will track literally every region the situation in schools, in the health care system in order to prevent violations of the rights of workers”, – said Rozenko.We will remind, earlier Avakov has promised to investigate the incident at inflated two to three times the payment for heat and hot water.

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