Fans bathed in compliments fresh image for them

Fans bathed in compliments fresh image for them

Taisiya Povaliy showed fresh photos from the dressing room on Instagram.

People’s artist of Ukraine finally back from a long vacation, during which she shared with fans a new photo via Instagram. Today Taisiya Povaliy showed a picture taken in the dressing room, and signed it: “I Love the creative mess!”.

On pictures skinny 52-year-old singer is depicted in a dress-shirt, which only emphasized her perfect womanly figure. Hairstyle and hair color Taisiya did not change, while on vacation, but that no one expects, because it looks amazing and stylish with this styling.

Barely a couple of hours, as numerous audience of fans of the singer rushed to scribble comments under the new star. Of course, they all contain exclusively the compliments, here are the most striking of them: “Great!!!”, “You lovely!”, “Charming!!!”.The main interest of the audience question today is “how thin Povaliy?”, but the singer is not yet disclose the details of his diet, maybe someday Taya still exposes its own methods of rapid weight loss.

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