In Kiev autochem hit a woman with a baby

In Kiev autochem hit a woman with a baby

The Network has published a photo of autocad.

In the network actively discussing the news that in Kiev autochem hit a woman with a child because she made a remark to him, reports citing .

About this on his page in Facebook wrote Victor Digas.

“OO “36-I a Hundred of Maidan self-Defense”. This schmuck was on a pedestrian crossing by a car! A woman with 5 month old baby made the remark, and he hit a woman with his fist in the face? Called the police, so in the next hour no one came. Make this schmuck known!” he said.

So, the author of the post also published pictures of beaten autocad.

“Stumbled with the muzzle about asphalt”, “five Times, so precisely”, “the photo shows that he repents”, “All done, only hands are not broken”, “a redneck is the only way to educate”, “It’s good that the pavement already is,” write on the Internet.

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