In Mariupol bus a few meters dragging a woman

In Mariupol bus a few meters dragging a woman

Unpleasant incident occurred on the Avenue of Peace in Mariupol.

The bus driver did not notice that I pinched the woman’s hand and drove off. The incident became known from the message of the witness of the incident on the page of the group “public control in the public transport of Mariupol” in Facebook.

“Now, my husband called, he came into town on the bus and when I got out, became a witness as the driver sashimi the door the woman’s arm and drove off. A woman (65 years old), was outside, fell, and the bus dragged its some meters on asphalt,” wrote a passenger minibus in the social network.As reported by witnesses, the passengers began to yell that the bus is stopped. The driver got off the bus and instead of apologies began to accuse the woman and yelling at her. The pensioner received injuries.

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