More than 50 countries will sign an agreement on the prohibition of nuclear weapons

More than 50 countries will sign an agreement on the prohibition of nuclear weapons

Более 50 стран подпишут соглашение о запрещении ядерного оружия

Over 50 countries plan on Wednesday to sign an international Treaty banning nuclear weapons, which did not participate none of the nuclear powers, have informed in Department on conventions of the office of legal Affairs of the United Nations.

According to TASS, the ceremony will be held on Wednesday at the headquarters of the UN, it will also be attended by the Secretary General of the international organization, antónio Guterres and the heads of several States.

The agreement secures for its members the obligation to “never, under any circumstances” develop, test, produce and stockpile nuclear weapons, not to use or threaten to use them, and not to place on its territory nuclear weapons of other States. The document will enter into force 90 days after it is ratified by 50 countries.

At the same time the desire to put the signature under the document on the first day were 51 countries, including Austria, Brazil, Venezuela, Indonesia, Ireland, Cuba, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Palestine, Uruguay, Chile and South Africa.

After the adoption of the document, the UK, US and France stated that they will not join the agreement because the agreement is contrary to the policy of nuclear deterrence, which for decades has provided security for Europe and North Asia, and also ignores the realities of the international situation in the security sphere. The Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow will not sign the document because it contradicts the national interests of the country.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said during a meeting of the UN General Assembly that the United States will be forced to destroy North Korea if it will threaten the country or its allies.

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