Ramina answered “suffering” Kozlowski eloquent photography

Ramina answered “suffering” Kozlowski eloquent photography

Ex-beloved continue to publicly sort things out, pretending that no one is watching.

Fans of Vitaly Kozlovsky and subscribers Rainy Eshakti been under the impression that their parting is a PR campaign, during which the singer promoted his new song dedicated of course unrequited love. But is it really so far unknown, it is necessary that some time passed and then all will become clear.

On his page on Instagram now ex-fiancée Vitaly Kozlovsky posted a new photo, which she sealed at a table in a café, cigarette in hand and a glass of wine. On the table are two large bottles of alcoholic drinks. Ramin has signed this photograph: “the Table. Sofa. Sadness. Longing. Everything is destroyed. Yet. Author: Ramin Achakzai”. In a few hours the appreciated nearly 8 thousand users of the social network, but most never realized that the way ex-lover Kozlowski stebetsya over him and his broken feelings.Earlier it was reported that , ie suddenly began to smoke on his ex-fiancée responded, according to the users of Instagram, unworthy.

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