The expert predicted the crazy price of bitcoin

The expert predicted the crazy price of bitcoin

Analyst predicted a five-digit number.

The value of bitcoin can be compared with gold, because, according to Tommy Lee, the head of the research Department of the company Fundstrat Global Advisors and former head of JP Morgan Chase, it could reach $25,000 in five years, despite worries about the recent decline in the market, informs with reference to .

About it financial analyst said in a recent interview with CNBC “Fast money”. He bases his prediction on the growing trend to consider bitcoin as a valuable stock and tools against inflation.

Despite the fact that bitcoin is quite seriously affected by the recent negative developments in China, namely the prohibition ICO and closing of cryptocurrency exchanges, Whether I am sure that there are advantages in this situation for bitcoin.

According to Lee, in this issue there are two key factors – the effect of liquidity and the possible prospects for the people. According to experts, exchanges of China with 30% of all bitcoins. If these exchanges will prefer to close down, it is obvious that these volumes will simply move to other platforms and in other countries.

The second important factor is the prospect of bitcoin for people.

The analyst cited a few arguments in favor of the cryptocurrency:

“Our society largely perceives the bitcoin bubble and a fragile currency, however, this view is gradually changing.”
“Bitcoin is different from other technologies, because the actual network itself generates its own value, so bitcoin is as valuable as the blockchain technology”.

Claims Whether, any fraudulent transaction can not be performed using this cryptocurrency as to create a fake bitcoin, you will need about $30 billion. that is why it is extremely reliable network based on the blockchain.
Continuing the idea, he added:

“Younger investors, especially those who are under 30 years believe that bitcoin is a perfect investment tool.”
Thus, bitcoin is still the best technology today, and on a par with gold, is considered a profitable investment.

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