The national Bank estimated the growth of Ukraine’s economy

The national Bank estimated the growth of Ukraine’s economy

Economic growth for the year could reach more than 1.6%.

Economic growth for the year may be higher than the forecast of the national Bank, released in July 2017. On Wednesday, September 20, reported the press service of the NBU, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“Overall, the current dynamics of the real variables and the results of the first half of 2017 show an increase in the likelihood that economic growth by the end of 2017 will exceed the forecast of the National Bank (1.6 per cent), published in the inflation report for July 2017,” the statement reads.

According to the NBU, a slight slowing of growth in the economy will continue in the second half of this year.”At the same time, although the economy in the second quarter continued to grow, its growth rate has slowed. The slowdown in GDP growth in line with expectations of the National Bank and connected with the adaptation of the mining and metallurgical complex and energy to new conditions of activity in which they were as a result of the disruption of trade and transport links in the East of the country. In addition, deepened the decline in agriculture due to further decline in livestock, and because of the late start of the harvest this year compared to last year”, – stated in the message.

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