Ukrainians are outraged by the propaganda book for children

Ukrainians are outraged by the propaganda book for children

Parents dissatisfied with the contents of the book.

Ukrainian users of the network angered the story of the sale of children’s propaganda books on the publishers ‘ Forum in Lviv, which not only praises the brotherhood of Ukraine and the aggressor country of Russia, but openly advertises the infamous people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko, reports citing .

A blatant case told the journalist Roman Onyszkiewicz on his page in Facebook.

According to him, the book “be useful small Dill” author Tatyana, Pakaluk bought his daughter at the request of his son, who liked the airplane on the cover of the publication.

“From the first pages adult readers appear unambiguous allusions, not available, thank God, children. So, the airplane Dill is captured by the enemy, where he began a hunger strike and severely stunted. And returning to his native Nenko Ukraine begins to fight with Lies and Pride. The result, However, which sows the airplane, gets wings and soars to the heavens in the form of a winged virgin with a recognizable face (we are talking about Savchenko. — Ed.). But this is not the apotheosis. Apotheosis — the end of this poem. The plane with the help of Truth to restore order, stop a “fratricidal war”, and then Pristina Country sister apologizes to Ukraine,” — says Onyszkiewicz about the plot of the book.In addition, to illustrate the provocative leitmotif of the children’s newspaper journalist quotes of the ending.

Here Susaku Ukraine

Pocha VSTi:

“We oboh kolis gave birth to

Russia — United mothers.

Ancient Kyiv — the old man spline,

The identity of the people — bratt.

Navti wine not sagasti

Dnost of bagutta.

Help meni, Cusco,

Iz run state,

Moï village I Mista

VSI buduvati”.

Such attacks author provoked a stir in the social network, and users left many outraged comments under the post on the controversial book.

“Well, FSB 5+ for the far-reaching psychological stuffing, advanced tab and work with agents, and organizers of the forum still have to filter content for the future, because this year is not the first signal — still hybrid war”, “How basely and covertly serves the calling “Putin, come!”. In the end, the book is about how our Dill gave up. And what about the NIT?!”, “What? Well, this is all surpassed all the stupidity of the author. How was it possible to give the head does not fit”, “Well, a little confused. Campaign tents instead of the one with wings, was brought to the tent of the forum”, “No words,” write the people.

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