Iran threatened the United States “serious measures” in case of breach of nuclear Treaty

Iran threatened the United States “serious measures” in case of breach of nuclear Treaty

Iran will not tolerate any impertinent behavior of the United States.

The Iranian authorities will carry concluded in 2015 nuclear agreement, but will react strongly if it is terminated by US, informs with reference to .

This was during a speech at the 72nd UN General Assembly in new York, said Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, reports rfi.

“We’re not fooling anyone, we were honest,” said the Iranian leader in response to criticism from the White house.

“It will be a pity if the new bullies in the international politics will destroy that agreement,” said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

He added that the agreement belongs to the international community, and “not one or two countries.”

As follows from the statements to the press, us President, it is not obvious that in October he would confirm Iranian compliance with its obligations under the contract. In this case, Tehran again threatened sanctions.

Tehran and the six international mediators reached an historic agreement on the so-called nuclear deal. Adopted a plan of action, which removes from Tehran sanctions imposed by the UN security Council, the US and the EU.

However, it does not like the President of the United States. The deal he described at the UN harmful to US.

According to Donald trump, Tehran continues to “destructive and undermining world behavior”, and the international community need to stop it.

As stated later, the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, statement of the American President does not mean that Washington intends to withdraw from the Treaty.

“It’s a sign that he, the agreement is not like” — said the diplomat TV channel CBS.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in turn, called the speech of Donald trump’s “alarming”.

“We will defend this document, this consensus, which was received with relief by the entire international community and actually strengthened, and we are convinced that regional stability”, — quotes the words of Sergey Lavrov, the Agency France-Presse.

The President of France Emmanuel macron wished not to talk about informed whether Donald trump him about his position on Iran.

“I’m not going to answer this question… We must keep the agreement of 2015, because it’s a good agreement,” said the French President told reporters.”You, the leaders of other countries, should serve first and foremost to serve the interests of their countries … the National state is the best option (development – ed.)”, – reminded Donald trump.

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