Kozlowski and Ramin exchanged some “pleasantries”

Kozlowski and Ramin exchanged some “pleasantries”

Vitaly Kozlovsky and Ramin Achakzai promised that more will not be publicly to sort things out.

Epic gap between Vitaly Kozlovsky and his bride Ramini is about to end. At least, this conclusion was made by members of the ex-bride of the singer who put the video-the banter of his former lover and signed it: “life hacking “How to suffer”. I know more than you can imagine, this entitles me to all of my posts and jokes. This video I complete the series ostentatious performances under the name “Parting is always sad”. More about this word. I too cried a lot during this year, is now to suffer. I want to have fun, smile, be yourself!”.

Vitaly Kozlovsky replied bluntly: “Falling into “the trap” of feeling, love, we can forget about themselves, about their pride, dignity… We begin to live the life of a person whom I deeply love. Believe me, sometimes oblivious to the lies, self-deception, dissolving in love, like sugar in tea. The tea gets sweeter, but the sugar is dissolved, ceases to be noticeable. So it is with a loving person, he can become invisible, insignificant, uninteresting, invaluable… Not in the feelings to give themselves without reserve. It is necessary to remember about themselves, about their plans, dreams, unrealized desires, in the end, do not forget that you’re a Person, which depends on someone or something… With me in recent days, hundreds of people shared their personal messages with their difficult life stories, feelings and very touching supported me. And in some cases I wondered how their situation is much more alarming my… Thank you for your sincerity and support! I am not weak. I don’t “die”. I am stronger than you look! Maybe too emotional. It’s true. And all accumulated in me embody in art – in poetry, songs, clips… I’m not angry or hurt, do not blame anyone for anything (only in some moments), because I know that in life all the better! Understand that over time, once I’m detached and without pain to think about this already past history (as bitter, but the lesson), clutching His man, who will share their true feelings and build a family. In whom I’m sure you can understand that is a long time, and in the best case – forever! But while I go through these tests… And I go through them further in life. For the time being. The mind all understand, sober. But the heart wants what it wants, it takes TIME. Appreciate that there are so many caring people… Trust me, I will survive all this, you will not drown, I promise! Not the first time I hit it in the vital or mental difficulties, however, as all of you, as WE all… was very supportive and surprised by your sincere participation of each and everyone of you once again I want to say #thanks People, I will be stronger!!!”.Subscribers Kozlovsky support it and next, and Ramin began to expose the fact that she is “PR” to leave the Ukrainian singer.Style, spelling and punctuation Rainy Achakzai and Vitaly Kozlovsky saved.

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