The Austrian people’s party leads in parliamentary elections in the country

The Austrian people’s party leads in parliamentary elections in the country

Австрийская народная партия лидирует на парламентских выборах в стране

The conservative Austrian people’s party, which is chaired by the Minister of foreign Affairs Sebastian Kurz, the lead in the early elections to the national Council of Austria (lower house of Parliament), gaining of 36.45% of the votes.

The intermediate results of counting of votes after processing more than 40% of the ballots released on Sunday, the Austrian news Agency APA, reports TASS.

The second place occupies the right Austrian freedom party, whose leader is Heinz-Christian strache, from 29.33% of the vote. The social democratic party of Austria, Chancellor of the Christian Core is only in third place 23,07% of the vote.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Austria, responsible for the organization and conduct of elections, will present on Monday the final results taking into account the votes of the Austrians, served by post.

As previously reported by the portal early parliamentary elections are held on Sunday in Austria with the participation of 16 political parties and movements. To be represented in the National Council, the party must gain more than 4% of the vote. After the elections, President Alexander van der Bellen will give the leader of the largest parliamentary faction of the authority on the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers or to conduct coalition negotiations.

The main battle for a majority in Parliament and a chair of the Chancellor has developed between the incumbent head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Chairman of the Social democratic party of Austria (SDHP) by Christian Kern and Minister of foreign Affairs, Chairman of the conservative Austrian people party (ANP) Sebastian Kurtz, who in may of this year initiated the early voting. The third contender in the race for the leadership by the head of the right opposition of the Austrian freedom party (fpö) Heinz-Christian strache.

According to polls, the majority of Austrians (33%) planned to vote for the conservative övp and its leader, Kurtz. Of the Minister of foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz, the experts called the favorite and is considered the main contender for the post of Chancellor. The second is the right of APS – 23% and the social Democrats of the current Chancellor Christian Kern only take the third position with 22%. The most popular option for the formation of the coalition supports a bunch of conservatives and right-wing.


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