Died the author of the music to the famous Soviet cartoons

Died the author of the music to the famous Soviet cartoons

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The composer was 92.

On 93-m to year of life has died Vladimir shainskiy, reports citing .

“Yeah, sorry, that’s so,” confirmed the news of the death of the composer, his son Vyacheslav. Shainsky, according to him, died in the city of San Diego (California) on Monday, December 25. There the composer moved in 2004. “I think the main reason is age. Date of funeral not yet known,” — said the son shainskogo RBC. A few years ago, according to Russian service Bi-bi-si, the composer was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach.

Shainskiy — author of the popular songs for adults and children including “Blackbird”, “don’t cry, girl”, “there Is a soldier in the city”, “song of the crocodile Genes”, “Chunga-Changa”, “grass, Grass…”, “Abvgdeyka”, “Merry go round”, “Song Shapoklyak”, “Po sekretu vsemu svetu” and dozens of others.

“It is a pity that Volodya left. He was a very talented man with incredible life energy. He perceived their tasks in music very seriously, everything he wrote became popular especially the fact that he wrote for animation for children and it is unfortunate that such a composer has left”, — told RBC, the actor Vasily Livanov.

“Died one of the extraordinary wonders, which was sent to us joy, happiness”, — said RBC incident on the Russian poet Larissa Rubalskaya. “Never forget what he wrote. Forget his name, forget what he looked like, but it will be songs to sing. Thank heavens that this man lived on the earth,” she said.

“The clearest person with a special sense of humor” shainskogo also called poet-songwriter Yuri Entin. “He is a man of unusual, interesting, paradoxical, his humor is peculiar, not everyone understood him, he often played people. Those who knew him, thought it was funny. Russia was not a more popular composer than he is,” said he in an interview with RBC.

“I offered to write him songs, he said, let’s” — said Entin, however, explaining that “they had no piano.” “But shainskiy said he was Royal and not needed, rather the table. I read to him the poem “Antoshka”, Shainsky on the table began to knock, and after five or six minutes, he sang the song from beginning to end, just banging on the table”, — shared memories of the poet.

No songs of Vladimir Shainsky “impossible to imagine a childhood”, said in a conversation with RBC composer and musicologist Vladimir Martynov. “He is the last of the Mohicans. If in Soviet times it was an era of children’s composers, now they are almost there. On this page the “high” children’s music closed”, — said the interlocutor of RBC.

The Creator of the cartoon Smeshariki Ilya Popov, in turn, was named Shainsky “man-age”. “His name has become synonymous with children’s projects, because he created many wonderful pieces. His work is actually included in the cultural code of many generations. I grew up on cartoons Shainsky”, — he said RBC.Vladimir Shainsky was born on 12 Dec 1925 in Kiev. In 1936 he was engaged in the music school at the Kyiv Conservatory on a violin class. In 1941 his studies were interrupted by war. Subsequently shainskiy continued his musical education at the Tashkent Conservatory with the beginning of the war in Uzbekistan was evacuated with his family. In 1943 shainskogo called to the front, where he began to write music.


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