Scientists have discovered an unusual tribe “drummers”

Scientists have discovered an unusual tribe “drummers”

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The banks of the Amazon discovered an unusual tribe

Linguists found out that the members of the Bora tribe, inhabit the banks of the Amazon, communicate with drums. Thus aboriginal people can establish a communication at a distance up to 20 kilometers, writes with reference to .

Beats on their drums the rhythms of boron called manguare. With strokes of different power, timbre and frequency representatives of the tribe formed a sound similar to common words and phrases., reports

For communication in the tribe used a special manguare drums. They cut from logs with a length of about two meters. They are used both as musical instrument and way of communicating. Typically using drums of Bora transmit short phrases and sentences. Just the researchers were able to study approximately 170 of these messages that are “sent” five different drummers tribe.


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