Scientists have documented a natural phenomenon

Scientists have documented a natural phenomenon

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American researchers spoke about what happened

The largest on the planet geyser Steamboat American alarming scientists unusual activity. A powerful eruption occurred on 15 March, 19 and 27 April in the National Park Yellowstone, USA. Geologists warn that the phenomenon is not related to an activity, writes with reference to .

Such activity Steamboat was observed in 2003, but then the minimum interval between eruptions was 32 days. This time for the short period of calm between emissions it has been eight days.

According to geologists, a series of weaker eruptions can occur instead of one big release, which explains the strange behavior of the source. Scientists emphasize that there is no cause for concern, because the geyser is known for its unpredictable behavior. A more obvious threat is hypothetical drying of the hydrothermal vents, which can be the rise of magma to the surface, however, such on the territory of the Yellowstone Caldera is not observed.

Earlier in the geyser volcano found the cure that could save millions of lives,

The hot springs of Yellowstone national Park is not only a breath of an underground volcano. Boiling keys — home to unique virus, which will create a cure against cancer.

Scientists from the University of Minnesota has named a new virus Acidianus. To study the behavior of the microorganism in a different environment, the team used a combination of two methods — microscopy and cryoelectron could probe.

Also at Yellowstone, scientists have discovered the area of abnormality.Researchers at Texas tech University confirmed the existence of the Caldera under the Yellowstone mantle plume — hot stream of molten rock, moving from the core to the crust of the Earth. This anomalous flow is separate from the convection currents and is considered a power source for a SUPERVOLCANO, but some scientists believe that geological processes in the national Park are explained by other mechanisms.


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