The Mars 2020 mission can carry forward the cause

The Mars 2020 mission can carry forward the cause

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Mission Mars 2020 can move due to issues with heat screen of the Rover.

Heatshield, with whom he had problems, must protect the system from damage during landing and reentry. The screen must withstand temperatures up to 2 million degrees Celsius, and the large pressure drop, reported, citing .

During the tests, engineers heat shield and it is subjected to pressure, which is about 20% higher to avoid emergency situations. However, after recent experimentation it turned out that the screen is cracked in the area of the outer edge. Such damage could destroy a large part of your equipment or even ruin the work of the Rover.

The fact that the damage was able to find during tests is rather positive, as it is better to lose one protective screen today, and to improve the technology, than to lose the whole Rover to fail the mission.New screen on order from Lockheed Martin – a company which already manufactures some components for future missions.


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