Ford patented a car-transformer

Ford patented a car-transformer

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Patent documentation shows a concept car 2-in-1 that can turn from car to motorcycle.

Ford received a patent for the car with built-in electric motorcycle. Interesting idea, but what would be?

The documentation for the patent Ford calls it “multimodalism passenger transport”. The application was filed by the automaker in the US patent office in October 2017, and recently the patent was confirmed, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The concept of a futuristic vehicle is to combine the passenger car with a conventional internal combustion engine and integrated in its body an electric motorcycle. While both vehicles have a common control panel. The idea behind the concept is that such integration will help to avoid traffic jams, easy Parking in the big cities and will allow you to move to those cities, which prohibited the movement of cars with internal combustion engines.Image by patent applications show that the motorcycle is placed in the centre of the vehicle and, if necessary, separated from the car, turning into a stand-alone transport. Of course, a patent does not obligate the manufacturer to bring it to life, so perhaps this “autocycle” will never be built, at least Ford, but the mere appearance of such ideas suggests that manufacturers busy not only carts, drones and air taxi.


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