In Britain, on the coast made an unusual creature

In Britain, on the coast made an unusual creature

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Unidentified animal was covered with slime.

Near the banks of the river Mersey in Liverpool, local residents found an amazing creature that in appearance resembled a deformed Dolphin, reported, citing .

The characteristics of beings can distinguish the presence of fins, sharp teeth and black spines on the back. The experts only said that the body is likely to have undergone decomposition, but whose it was is a mystery.

Found flourishing in the new-old window cleaner Sean Hall. During lunch a man walked along the shore, his attention was attracted by someone’s carcass. Sean did not scruple to touch the creation: the body was completely covered with slime. The man suggested that it is a prehistoric creature.

Perhaps, according to Sean, the creatures could be saved, he would found it sooner. It is worth noting that rivers people regularly find previously unseen creatures.If the unknown inhabitants of the depths even in shallow water, how many unknown creatures lurking in the oceans?


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