Russia has blocked 50 anonymizers and VPN services

Russia has blocked 50 anonymizers and VPN services

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Which services are blocked, not reported.

Roskomnadzor has blocked 50 anonymizers and VPN services that provided access messenger Telegram. This was told by Deputy Minister Vadim Subbotin, writes with reference to .

Which services were blocked, he said.

16 April Roskomnadzor trying to block on the territory of Russia the messenger Telegram, the creators of which was refused by the court to convey the FSB encryption keys from the correspondence of the users.

To this end, the office submitted to the register of banned sites along with the servers of the Telegram about 20 million IP addresses a major hosting providers — Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Digital Ocean. Their messenger uses it to bypass the lock. In addition, Roskomnadzor shall enter in the register the VPN and proxy services that allow to access Telegram.Roskomnadzor has had an impact on many other sites that were blocked hosting providers.
Telegram is still available for users using the built-in ways to bypass locks.


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