Instagram will start to block nasty comments

Instagram will start to block nasty comments

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In 2016, Instagram launched a system of moderation messages.

Instagram has updated smart filter reviews, launched last year to help users to deal with network persecutors. Artificial intelligence can automatically delete comments whose authors trying to insult or intimidate the victim, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The official blog of the social network there was a message, which reads, “Instagram will filter the comments of intimidation, the authors of which try to disturb or upset our community members. Introduce clear: we do not tolerate bullying in Instagram”.

Smart filter reviews the social network earned more in the past year, but then he was sent only to messages with obscene language. This feature works by default, but users have the option to disable the filter reviews via the settings app. Messages that were marked as spam are hidden for all users of Instagram, except the author.

Now the mechanism is smart blocking unwanted messages working on updated algorithm, only comments in English, but soon the change will spread to Russian-speaking users.In 2016, Instagram launched a system to moderate posts, which deleted comments with certain words and phrases. Even though users can Supplement this filter to add your own phrases, it was relatively easy to get around.


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