On the surface of mercury found “the head of Mickey mouse”

On the surface of mercury found “the head of Mickey mouse”

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Crater interesting shapes found on the images of the planet.

During the next analysis of the images of the surface of other planets experts in the field of UFOlogy noticed the crater on mercury, which is shaped like Mickey mouse’s head, reported, citing .

Famous UFO researcher Scott Waring suggested that Walt Disney, the Creator of the cartoon character, had contact with alien creatures. The idea is to create a Mickey mouse could have come after contact with representatives of extraterrestrial races. Moreover, Waring believes that Walt Disney could actually relate to the alien race.

Ufologists sent the discovery to NASA, but they did on her did not respond. The similarity of the crater with a cartoon character really is, and the network users, in turn, acknowledged it, but assumptions Waring fully criticized.According to them, it’s just a coincidence. Recesses similar to those or other objects or creatures, can meet absolutely any planet of our Universe, said the users.


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