Facebook launch new feature

Facebook launch new feature

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Company Facebook to launch a site for Dating

Famous social network Facebook will launch a new feature through which users will be able to find a companion for life. This was announced by founder mark Zuckerberg, writes with reference to

In particular, he said that Facebook’s 200 million people consider themselves lonely and in this regard, the new feature will help them to build a long relationship. As it became known, the service will launch in a few months.

Dating service will offer users the candidates from among their friends, and friends are not able to see the user’s profile.

As for the selection of candidates, it will be carried out on the basis of local private events.

According to the analyst, Atlantic Equities James Kordella, the launch of a new service can increase the time that users spend on Facebook.Note that after the announcement of Zuckerberg’s shares of the online Dating service Tinder fell 18%. In turn, the shares of Facebook were up 1.1%


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