Samsung has patented a new smartphone

Samsung has patented a new smartphone

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Technology “triple summation” provides unique usage scenarios.

In the network appeared information about the fact that Samsung has patented a flexible transparent smartphone. With illustrations that hit the Internet, it can be assumed that the novelty will emerge horizontally.

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The illustrations that describe the patent, it is seen that the device will be folded horizontally in the middle of the display. It mainly provides “horizontal” use of the gadget. The company has also patented another design – the smartphone in this case to be folded in two different places.

Technology “triple summation” provides unique usage scenarios are usually not available in the variant with a single hinge, for example, you can put the device in an upright position, turning one of the parts of the screen into the stand. The system will be able to recognize all the options of folding, and on this basis to form the interface.

The illustrations show both smartphones: which is folded in half and triple addition. One of them opened the email, which takes one half of the screen, while the other is occupied by application icons. Thus, the interface is very flexible.Furthermore, the patent reveals plans Samsung regarding the smartphone with a transparent display. We have previously seen this technology in branded television, presented in 2015. Now, it seems, is the turn of smartphones. Transparent device will work with augmented reality, allowing the user to see the real world directly through the display superimposed on the digital content.


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