Found traces of the biblical Kingdom of David

Found traces of the biblical Kingdom of David

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Ten years ago, scientists have discovered the ruins of a fairly large house.

Israeli archaeologists have unearthed the ruins of an unusual “home ruler” of the biblical king David, who pointed out that his “unified Israel” existed in reality, what is doubted by many historians, says in an article published in the journal Radiocarbon.

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“We are confident that our findings with other archaeologists and historians will perceive skeptical, especially considering what materials we used for Dating. On the other hand, hardly anyone will deny that the age of all the samples close to the mark of 3 thousand years. This gives us confidence that speaks to the fact that we hardly made a mistake,” said Avraham Faust (Avraham Faust) from the Institute of archaeology in Ramat Gan (Israel).

Ancient Jewish texts, in contrast to the ancient Egyptian and ancient Chinese manuscripts were written not on paper but on the baked clay tablets on which the scribes of the times of the kings of David and Solomon applied the text with ink. This distinguished them from Sumerian and Assyrian clay tablets on which the text was embossed using a stylus, and is their main disadvantage compared to other ancient texts.
Most of these texts have not survived, which today we know almost nothing about the politics and culture of the States of the ancient Jews and their legendary rulers. Many historians therefore doubt that the legendary United Kingdom of Israel, founded by David and split into Judah and Israel after Solomon’s death, was not a figment of the imagination of the authors of the Bible.

Faust and his colleague Yair Sapir (Yair Sapir) declare that they have found the first evidence that this mythical state really existed, excavated at tel-Eton, one of the cities located on the southern borders of the alleged “Kingdom of David”. It was in the limits of the future of the Jews in the so-called “shfela”, in the foothills of the Judean mountains.Ten years ago, scientists have discovered the ruins of a fairly large house, the potential of the Palace of the ruler of this village, and excavations which continued until 2015. When archaeologists cleared its Foundation from the soil, they found that dealing with a large four-room building was constructed of hewn stone, and stood in tel Eton at least three hundred years before the time that the city was destroyed by Assyria.


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