These countries most severely affected by global warming

These countries most severely affected by global warming

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Poor countries will suffer the most.

Dutch scientists from Wageningen University, note that although changes in climate have affected the whole planet, there are countries where the effects are most. Such States are those located in the tropics.

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A tropical country, as you know, most of them very poor. This means a low level of development of economy and industry, which has a positive effect on the ecosystem of little exhausts, indicators greenhouse effect low. Compared to the rich post-industrial countries in the Northern hemisphere, which pollute the atmosphere much stronger.

Despite this, it is the poor and “harmless” countries, according to forecasts of scientists, will suffer most as a result of global warming.

The low financial possibilities of the country will be the reason that they will not be able to withstand changes in the climate. Most experts fear for the safety of the loess massif of the Amazon, where the warming is expected to dry the soil. As a result, suffer nature, agriculture and, as a result, the economy.Such a blow would lead to the fact that the gap between poor and rich countries will only increase. This will remain the situation in which the rich countries emit most of the gases, while it will continue to suffer poor.


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