Ukraine has offered to send Russian mission

Ukraine has offered to send Russian mission

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Foreign fans will face danger from former militants.

Ukraine concerned about situation with human rights violations in Russia, which clearly showed the actions of security forces during the recent protests in Russia with the mass detention of people. These incidents cast doubt on the safety of foreign fans during the world Cup this summer.

This is stated in the speech at the meeting of OSCE in Vienna the representative of Ukraine Evgenia Filipenko, writes with reference to .

According to him, against activists in Moscow threw former militants of Donbass.

“We note with concern that the Kremlin used the so-called “Cossack” militias to beat up and disperse the peaceful demonstrators in Moscow. It should be noted that among these “Cossacks” was defined by former members of terrorist organizations in the Donbass. Detentions and arrests testified to the fear the regime and shameful public policy of the suppression of human rights and fundamental freedoms, attempts to eradicate dissent in Russia. The use of violence against minors and young people is particularly offensive,” the diplomat said.

He believes that foreign fans will face the danger from the former militants.”We note the stated intentions of the Russian authorities to involve the above-mentioned “Cossack” militias to “protect public order” during the world Cup. The way they acted may 6, and their intolerance of other peoples, raise serious concerns about the safety of foreign football fans who may decide to visit the tournament. In this disturbing context, we call upon the Russian Federation to consider the invitation of the OSCE Mission on the assessment of the human rights to carefully study the situation and develop appropriate recommendations in accordance with the obligations and international standards of the OSCE,” – said at a meeting of the organization Filipenko.


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