Under observation: the trains of “Ukrzaliznytsya” will appear on camera

Under observation: the trains of “Ukrzaliznytsya” will appear on camera

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The camera will only install the updated cars.

“Ukrzaliznytsya” intends to equip the trains with video surveillance systems. This will be done in the next tender. On the camera and the accompanying equipment plan to spend more than 7,5 million UAH.

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As explained in “ukrzal_znits )”, video surveillance is necessary to increase the order in the trains. The conductor in our compartment may see the situation on the screen. It can also help the investigation of possible incidents, and also help to deal more effectively with stowaways.

Camera plan to put in platforms and wagons from both ends. It concerns the cars that passed capitally-regenerative repair. It is planned that the tender will be held on may 25, and the “Ukrzaliznytsia” will purchase 100 sets of equipment. The kit will include 3 cameras, DVR, display, 2 HDD of 1 TB and associated equipment, including fasteners and cables.Yes. Innovation is the installation of surveillance cameras for “Ukrzaliznytsya” is not. In some trains they already have, but the company did not specify how many cars already have a video surveillance system.


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