In Africa a thief was affected by a terrible curse

In Africa a thief was affected by a terrible curse

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A man stole a bag of grain, but was not able to remove it from his shoulders.

A strange incident, likely associated with black magic, occurred recently in Tanzania. 2 may 23-year-old Frank Japhet from the city of Dar-es-Salaam snuck in late in the evening in the yard of a resident of the local village and stole her 20-pound sack of corn grains, according to .

The thief put the bag over his shoulders and dragged him to the house of his friend. Japhet had intended to keep the bag from him, and to go back to home women and profit than anything else. Suddenly, however, things went awry when he came into the house, Japhet was not able to remove from his shoulders a sack of corn.

The bag is firmly stuck to the guy like superglue and its weight mercilessly crushed his neck. All night the terrified Japhet tried to get rid of the bag, and when dawn broke, rushed with the confession to the police.

He hoped that when they arrive and tell all the bag “stick” from his shoulders, but it was not there. Even in the area Japhet could not remove the bag and from fatigue and overexertion was no longer able to stand on his feet.Pictures of Japheth with the bag quickly hit the local media. Than the moment the story ended with a damn Tanzanian, is unknown.


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