Named the nuances that need to pay attention to when buying a car

Named the nuances that need to pay attention to when buying a car

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These tips will help to purchase a used car in good condition.

We all know that the best time to buy a car in the cabin, new. There all the system will work and even cases of marriage you are insured — there is a guarantee, reports citing .

But such a pleasure not everyone can afford, especially in Ukraine. Therefore, used cars are sold several times more than the new one. To you when choosing a car did not get into a trouble — a few tips that will help to identify “ušatannyj” instance first sight.

Sweating headlamp
Spotlight is not like a household light bulb. Modern cars have head optics — a complex electronic system. So, if inside lights visible water, it is at least an indication that it may fail in the near future.

And such a machine you should carefully inspect for the accident and subsequent repair — it from blows most often and lost tightness.

The most dangerous smoke — grey colour, with a light blue. It shows that the combustion chamber gets the oil, and it is a sure sign of impending “capitali”. Sometimes it is just an excuse for bargaining (for example, “Zhiguli” capital is not so expensive), and sometimes should abandon the purchase and repair of complex multi-cylinder engine can be in the amount that reaches half the value of the car. Some of the motors are not serviceable.

Black smoke indicates that the fuel is poorly burnt. The motor may not have enough air (clogged air filter) or the injectors may not work correctly. White indicates that the engine failed on temeprature.

Actually quite difficult to find car in a big city which has never known bumps and dents. One fears only serious accidents and bad repairs after them.

The first indicator of “bad” recovery uneven gaps of body panels. Note that in this case, it is not necessary to find fault with the domestic machines — they came from the factory…

Also very often poor maintenance is characterized by the fact that the master is not fall “in color” and some elements can frankly stand out.

These signs indicate that you need to conduct a more detailed inspection of the machine.Also, beware pretty well painted and “zamowienia” everywhere cars. This can be a cover for rust and other problems. Especially if the car is relatively new — then just run.


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