The expert said that in some cases, you should not try to avoid an accident

The expert said that in some cases, you should not try to avoid an accident

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In some situations, such an attempt could trigger an even greater accident.

Any driver subconsciously trying to avoid an accident. But there are situations when you need to beat! Otherwise, you can get an accident with more serious consequences, which you also will be guilty, according to .

You clipped

You are going quietly, and the neighbor’s stream suddenly changes lanes in your range right before you still not putting on your Blinker. Do not try to go left or right! you may not have time to assess the situation and thus to be guilty in another accident likewise jumped to another number of someone’s nose.

But if you go on dividing or over, there may be unnoticed by you people. Yes, they have nothing to do, but they often go there. Better to strike the culprit and get the money to fix it than to be responsible.

The exit of a Parking pocket

Car sharply leaves in front of you with Parking pocket. Are you trying to avoid an accident go to the left, into the oncoming lane, where driving a different car. In the end, and the accident is heavier, and wine is already on you. Can lose their rights and receive severe injuries.

A left turn oncoming car

In front of you crashes the car that was turning left. Even if you are in the right row and can be relatively safe to leave the curb or a pole — don’t do it. Of course, they won’t tell you anything, well, the car will repair themselves. but not at the expense of the culprit.


An important addition to all situations — always brake to the floor. So call make the rules. If the police determine that you are having the time not retarded — maybe “oboyudka” and unekotoryh situations guilt and you shove.

Iskluchitelno car flies by you on the forehead — don’t have time to complete the overtaking. There can not be beat. Go as far right as possible and othermedicines. Of course, in the event of a strike fault is not on you — you’ll be right. But in such cases it is better to stay alive. Frontal accident at high speed is dangerous.


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