Hunt: Showdown got the first major update

Hunt: Showdown got the first major update

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According to the authors, an update came out huge.

When Crytek left one of the brothers-founders Cevat Yerli (Cevat Yerli), sounded the idea that Hunt: Showdown is very well started in the framework of Steam early access. Like any decent developers, Crytek is going to consolidate the success of the free content updates. The first of these has already appeared in the game, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

According to the authors, an update came out huge. Crytek has introduced additional measures to counter “campers”: shoot from ambush became harder because on the map there are more shelters. In addition, the developers introduce additional motivation to fight with the bosses themselves, and not wait until it do by someone else. When the hunter casts a target, he has restored (and even increased if possible) the health bar. If the hunter alone killed, expelled, and took with them at least one production, at the end of the mission, he will receive an additional premium of 25 points bounty.

Crytek has also upgraded the characters. Each hunter begins the game with 150 points of health, regardless of level. Jumping takes 20 points of endurance — thus fighting the “bunnyhoppers”, which in a battle are jumping like crazy. Move in water depends on the depth of the reservoir. Fall damage was more realistic. Hunters redid a bunch of characteristics.The patch also added new weapons, costumes 11 and 12 for the devil hunters, rebalance the sounds from the steps of the players and much more.


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