Discovered ancient lost city

Discovered ancient lost city

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Work in Northern Iraq, German scientists lead 2013.

In Iraq a group of archaeologists from the University of Tubingen (Germany) found that a discovered in the North of the country near the modern settlement of Bassetki ruins are the remains of the ancient city-state Magaman.

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However, until now, not been able to establish, the ruins of what kind of settlement they were discovered. During excavations was found a vessel, which was 92 cuneiform tablets.

Scientists have deciphered the text and found that they describe events from the life of the city Mardakan. It was founded around 4800 years ago. The researchers suggest that it flourished in the period 1700-1900 BCE, However, the city prospered and in neoessarily period — from 911 to 612 BC

Megaman has been a part of various kingdoms and the Assyrian Empire. But in his history there were periods of independence. Labels relate to 1250 BC when the city was part of Assyria and was ruled by a Viceroy. The cuneiform texts tell us about the administrative and commercial Affairs, which the Governor had with the locals.

“The ceramic vessel, which contained the plate, was covered with a thick layer of clay, says Peter Pfalzner from the University of Tubingen. — This indicates that residents wanted to preserve texts for posterity”.Excavations continue. Megaman was not looted, that allows to hope for new and valuable finds.


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