Globalization recognized the main “accomplice” of climate change

Globalization recognized the main “accomplice” of climate change

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Global will radically change the face of the planet.

Globalization and associated changes in the Chinese economy can become the main “ally” of global warming and a major challenge for the Paris agreements on climate in the coming decades, say scientists in an article published in the journal Nature Communications.

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“Combating global warming will depend entirely on how much coal energy will be developed in the countries of Asia, which are currently undergoing industrialization and urbanization. China and India can easily meet its obligations, “throwing off” the most inefficient and energy-intensive production to these countries,” said Dabo Guan (Dabo Guan) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (UK).

Most scientists who study Earth’s climate today is not in doubt that global warming exists and that it will radically change the face of the planet if the growth temperature can be kept at around 1.5 degrees Celsius. In favor of this are the results of measurements of dozens of climate satellites, thousands of weather stations and buoys in the sea, and hundreds of computer models of climate.

To prevent such a scenario all countries of the world signed in December 2015, the first universal and binding Paris agreement to combat global warming. Within its framework, all States have voluntarily committed to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decades and keep them at this level subsequently.Even before America’s withdrawal from the agreement, many climate scientists are quite skeptical assessed the chances that the Paris agreement will be performed. The reasons for this were different – for example, compromise the nature of the contract, in which many indulgences for third world countries, or obviously unenforceable obligations in some States, such as the United States.


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