In the Czech Republic old Peugeot turned into the likeness of Ferrari

In the Czech Republic old Peugeot turned into the likeness of Ferrari

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Upgrading the car spent enthusiast.

Cars Ferrari, even in a highly maintained are expensive. And if the soul asks the Italian sports car, and in my purse the picture of the “Travolta confused”, there are two ways out of the situation: to take out a Bank loan for buying an old Ferrari or build your own Ferrari with affordable consumables. It is for the second scenario I went to a resident of the Czech town of Náchod, reports citing .

The guy all his life dreamed of a Ferrari 550 Maranello, but was never able to save up for a legendary sports car with a 12 cylinder engine and a Pininfarina design. In the end, it was decided to build a replica of the 550-th model. This is quite a common hobby throughout the world. In the US, for example, most owners of Pontiac Fiero trying to redo the car, giving it a more “thoroughbred” models, including Ferrari. But the Czech was not a Pontiac and Peugeot.

The body is not so easy to find in car 406 Coupe, but in the cabin, many motorists would recognize this “Wad”. Interestingly, 2-door 406 is really an Italian car rather than French. Moreover, painted a Coupe, by Pininfarina, which created the image of a 550 Maranello.The motor here, like Ferrari, is in front. However, unlike the 550th drive to the front axle. And cylinders, half — on “donor” set 207-horsepower 6-cylinder engine (top of 406 Coupe).


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