It looks like a motorcycle worth nearly two million dollars

It looks like a motorcycle worth nearly two million dollars

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This motorcycle is the most expensive in the world.

Custom bikes, especially based on models of Harley-Davidson, are always expensive. Usually we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars. Sometimes the price tags soar to hundreds of thousands. But this modified bike is worth $ 1.8 million! This is the most expensive motorcycle in history, reports citing .

It is important to note that such a high price is connected not so much with the technical stuffing, or the exclusivity of the bike, how many with precious stones, which adorn the model. In the courtyard so it is better not to leave. The basis of the motorcycle was taken to Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S. Swiss company Bündnerbike in partnership with the jewellery brand Bucherer modified motorcycle and called it Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition.

The experts of the two companies more than 2.5 thousand hours worked on the project. All the motorcycle spent in the garage Bündnerbike three months. On the body of the bike there is a place for 360 diamonds. In addition, Bucherer decided to gild some elements of the motorcycle that also affected the value of the model.They say that this is the most expensive motorcycle in history. Before this, the title held 1951 Vincent Black Lightning year: it was sold at auction in Las Vegas for $929 thousand.


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