Samsung will sell the Exynos processors to other companies

Samsung will sell the Exynos processors to other companies

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Samsung can supply ZTE processors for smartphones.

Samsung is negotiating with several smartphone manufacturers, including ZTE, the supply of mobile processors.

If the talks are successful, the company ZTE will get a replacement to Qualcomm chips for its smartphones, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“We are discussing with all OEM manufacturers”, – said the head of division on development of a logic chip System LSI Inup Kahn, adding that for a new customer, switched to the Exynos chipsets, are expected to be announced in the first half of 2019.

Flagship Exynos processors are mainly used in Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Meizu is the only major client that use these solutions.

Among the manufacturers of smartphones, which Samsung is negotiating on the supply of processors, it appears ZTE. Recently a Chinese company was forced to cease its activities because the U.S. partners were forbidden to work with ZTE. Inyup Kang said that Samsung will continue to negotiate with ZTE regardless of the outcome of trade negotiations between the US and China.Kan also said that this year is expected to increase its business by 5-10 percent in dollar terms. However, he declined to provide the results of growth in the past year.


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