Scientists have discovered unknown to science beings

Scientists have discovered unknown to science beings

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Discovery not the first of its kind.

Researchers from Oxford University have discovered about 100 new species of animals and plants off the coast of Bermuda.

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“Given that the waters off Bermuda have been extensively studied for many decades, we did not expect to find such a number and variety of new types of living creatures, — said the Professor of conservation biology at Oxford University Alex Rogers. — This discovery shows how little we know”.

The discovery was made during joint studies of the University of Oxford and the British non-profit organization Nekton involved in the study of the World ocean, at a depth of 130-300 m in the so-called zone of attenuation of sunlight. Scientists have discovered the previously unknown species of crustaceans, algae, and a two-meter black coral.The finding by British scientists — not the first of its kind in 2018. In late February, an international team of oceanographers found in the deep waters of the Indian ocean near the Australian coast five new species. A month later a new species was found already in the Caribbean.
According to the researchers, the oceans are so little studied that in the coming years due to improving the technical equipment of scientists expect many new findings.


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