Scientists have warned about the dangers of “smart cities”

Scientists have warned about the dangers of “smart cities”

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Technical progress has not only a positive direction.

Lately the adjective “smart” is accompanied by almost all products, from hardware to clothing. In addition, there is the concept of “smart cities”, which, as it turned out, have not only advantages but also some disadvantages.

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Currently power many of the largest cities in Europe are fighting for a place in the “Smart City” daily introducing the various innovations. For example, in Seoul established a “smart garbage cans”, which beeps to alert its level of occupancy, while in Amsterdam people saplogon vision almost freely move around the city, focusing solely thanks to electronic applications.

However, technological progress has not only positive side, as a total “modernization” of the streets of Russian cities the boundary between real world and virtual. Scientists have warned about various “side effects” that are hidden behind seemingly happy with the concept of “Smart city” .According to experts, the full people’s attachment to electronic divisum required to maintain communication, threatens the invasion of privacy, while the full computerization of the city puts its security at risk, because a hacker can crack any code and to access Finance, personal data of the total population and other sources.


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