Alarming symptoms that may indicate a heart attack

Alarming symptoms that may indicate a heart attack

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Cardiologists are advised to immediately call an ambulance.

A heart attack is one of the most dangerous heart attacks, which occurs when vasospasm or blockage, which stops blood flow.

The signs of heart attack can be so unusual that a person without specialized medical education to distinguish them from other symptoms of heart disease will be extremely difficult.

The worst thing is that the patient loses precious time and can learn that he had a heart attack only when you are in the intensive care unit. Moreover, not all doctors of “ambulance” can immediately put the correct diagnosis, because a heart attack is able to “mask” for other diseases, such as pancreatitis.

Every minute in the heart of the irreversible disorders, so the patient and doctors are just a couple of hours, in order to stop this process and to give people a chance not just to survive, but to live after a heart attack fully.

Due to the fact that the risk of heart disease and blood vessels includes about 80% of the world’s population, the doctors decided to recall how it manifests itself a heart attack:

Discomfort. When a heart attack is often felt discomfort in the chest, but also can give ear, shoulder, back, teeth and even toes.

Pain. Attack of pain during evolving myocardial infarction usually lasts, 15 minutes, and then subsides, but after a few minutes returns and painkillers, in this case, completely ineffective.

Signs of poisoning. Often patients with a heart attack call an ambulance complaining of nausea and vomiting, and heartburn, but then it turns out that food poisoning here.

The decrease in blood pressure. Usually, during a heart attack the pressure is suddenly reduced, but this symptom little people pay attention, especially high blood pressure, which shortly before the attack could take the drug to stabilize blood pressure.

The failure of heart rhythm. The pulse may speed up or slow down. Also, the patient can literally feel how his heart beat and feel the pain in his region.When these symptoms should immediately call an ambulance and not to hope for a miracle.


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