Archaeologists found the bullet that was created before the invention of gunpowder

Archaeologists found the bullet that was created before the invention of gunpowder

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The ancient discovery made in the territory of Crimea.

Crimea is a godsend for archaeologists, especially in the territory of ancient Tauris you can find not only the ruins of the legendary Greek cities, but many other extremely entertaining and just amazing artifacts, reports citing .

The fact that this Peninsula for centuries has been inhabited by humans, and here, apparently, was played such a historic scene, which, as they say, we never dreamed, but which would be interesting for every historian to touch even lightly.

Such a contact can be attributed to the absolutely fantastic the find, discovered by archaeologists in the Crimea in the demolition of the ancient structure. In one of the masonry stones, the researchers saw a mysterious crack, although not immediately drew attention to it. Indeed, in spite of any cracks, tried to keep the stone intact.

But… the stone still cracked, and then before the eyes of archaeologists opened an amazing picture – inside it was fossilized bullet. The real bullet can be released from any gun, even if ancient, say, medieval.

The problem was that stone and the bullet itself was a lot older than the time when, according to accepted history, people invented gunpowder and learned how to use firearms.

As we all know from history books, gunpowder was invented by the Chinese in the X century of our time, in what way was released was found in the Crimea the field, which is 12 centuries older than the invention? It turns out, or gunpowder was invented much earlier and not in China, I think (this is the rumored independent researchers), or in the prehistoric time, ancient people knew how to make bullets with energy of gunpowder, and something that we just do not know.

Scientists are still studying the bullet found in the laboratory, however, say the independent researchers, is unlikely to clarify anything or change anything. Even more revealing artifacts, contradicting the conventional history, did not change anything in it. In the best case, they trailed all sorts of “scientific fiction” in the worst – such artifacts just disappeared without a trace.So if you will read even in the respected academic Tome, in ancient Tauris I’ve never found any fossilized bullets, don’t believe it…


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