Doctors told how lemon helps against breast cancer

Doctors told how lemon helps against breast cancer

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Science is familiar with this substance.

Lemon healing in the power of the high content of vitamin C, as well as due to the presence in its composition of many other minerals.

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American researchers from Arizona state University found an unexpected therapeutic effects of lemon. It turned out that it contains substances effective against this disease like breast cancer.

One of these components – d-limonene, an oily substance from peel of different citrus species. The pilot, 43 women who had breast cancer, daily for two weeks prior to surgery were given 2 grams of d-limonene. This Supplement, as it later turned out, contributed to a significant health effect.

“The number of cancer tumors after the use of trace element decreased by 22%. Also decreased the concentration of cyclin D1 that have a greater impact on the pace of development of oncological diseases”, – said the authors of a study on the results of the experiment.

Science is familiar with this substance, and had already sounded the assumption that d-limonene could be effective for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and other tissues: d-limonene has long proved its ability to decontaminate toxic substances and improve the liver.A full range of medical and biochemical research data were obtained on harmoniegasse effect of d-limonene in the detoxification of estrogen by inducing the synthesis of appropriate enzymes in the liver. It is associated with anti-cancer effects of this substance.


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