Erdogan spoke about the collapse of the UN

Erdogan spoke about the collapse of the UN

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According to policy, the organization has outlived its usefulness.

Inaction by the UN against the bloodshed on the border of the Gaza strip witnessed the end of this international organization. This opinion was expressed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reports citing .

“In the face of these events UN-folded. It is outdated and collapsed,” – said Erdogan.

He called on the international community to respond decisively to Israel’s actions.

“If the Israeli intimidation will continue to be subjected to silence, the world will quickly slide into chaos, the rule of bandits”, – noted the President of Turkey.

According to him, the lack of basic reaction of the world to violence against Palestinians “opens a very dangerous door”.

Erdogan also promised to continue comprehensive support of Palestine.”Even if the whole world close your eyes we will not allow Israel to exert violence. We will continue to support our Palestinian brothers not only hearts, but also with all available resources,” he said.


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