Five proven methods to accelerate metabolism

Five proven methods to accelerate metabolism

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Nutritionists suggested how to speed up metabolism without drugs.

From the metabolism in the human body depends on many things – the way he looks, his health condition and overall health.

People with fast metabolism have an advantage – they can over-eat, but not to gain weight. And those who have a bad metabolism, it remains to suffer, because after eating the extra piece they immediately gain 1-2 kilos.

Fat people with slow metabolism it is very difficult to lose weight. Moreover, excessive body weight are added also other symptoms such as: constipation, fatty inflamed skin, problems with hair and nails, cellulite and many more external manifestations of poor metabolism.

Doctors ideas on how to speed up metabolism at home:

1. Drink a glass of water before eating 15 minutes before and after, but not earlier than in half an hour.

2. Eat small portions every two hours, limiting the caloric content of food.

3. In water, add lemon juice and throughout the day to eat at least one lemon, as it stimulates peristalsis.

4. Morning and evening, to take a contrasting shower – this procedure restores proper blood circulation, thereby speeding up the metabolism.

5. Take a bath with essential juniper oil – this plant has beneficial effects on the skin, accelerates the metabolism, relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain.Listen to the advice of experts, if you begin to notice signs of slow metabolism. A few days after the new regime, including the above methods speed up metabolism, you will notice that you look and feel much better, and on the scales is bound to be minus 2-5 kg.


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