In the office of the Subaru were searched

In the office of the Subaru were searched

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Japanese authorities suspect that the company falsified data on fuel consumption and emissions of harmful gases.

Employees of the Ministry of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism of Japan, raided and searched the main office of the company Subaru in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. The reason for such acts have fallen on concern the suspicion of falsification of data about fuel consumption and emissions of harmful gases, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

So, according to the investigators, over the past year the automaker has forged documents for at least 900-m vehicles of nine different models. Thus there is a possibility that the falsification was carried out at the company’s factory in Gunma Prefecture on a regular basis since 2002.

At the moment the planned interrogation of heads of the automaker and verification documentation. Meanwhile, Subaru has already apologized to its customers for causing inconvenience and promised to make every effort to prevent such incidents.Earlier it was reported that at the end of last year, searches were also held at two Japanese factories-one of the world’s largest automakers Nissan. The reason was the discrepancy automotive safety checks the requirements of the legislation of Japan.


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