In the United States introduced the electric motorcycle Curtiss Zeus

In the United States introduced the electric motorcycle Curtiss Zeus

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The bike is simply amazing.

If you have heard about the company Confederate Motors, know what you can expect from them. If not seen can be shocking.

As you know, Zeus is the God of thunder, he was often depicted with lightning bolts in hand. Not surprisingly, it is the name given to the first electric motorcycle company Curtiss.

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Don’t be surprised if you never heard the name of this company – it has been recently reborn with a brand Confederate. The company had previously engaged in small-scale construction of the motorcycle premium, which had an original engineering solutions and special design. The latest creation of the company were 35 motorcycles Warhawk, based on its own models P51 Fighter.

After that, Confederate Motors irrevocably altered the course on electric bikes. And changed its name to the Curtiss Motorcycle Company.In his first electric bike firm itself has not changed – it is unmistakably recognizable signature style petrol “Confederates”. And a V-shaped eight-ball here to look for makes no sense. Instead, Zeus has a battery of 14 kWh and “the world’s first electric E-Twin” (the name alludes to a kind of doubling). Because Zeus is still only a concept, the rest of the specifications of the bike manufacturer does not, however, that the capacity of the electric installation of the bike will produce around 170 horsepower.

The company promises to bring Curtiss Zeus on the market in 2020. About the cost too early, but the rookie already waiting for competitors: Zero S with a price tag of $ 11 thousand and the world’s fastest electric bike, the Lightning LS-218, which is nearly 40 thousand.


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