Named available but unhealthy foods

Named available but unhealthy foods

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Nutritionists explained why cheap products are not as useful as we would like.

People with average earnings powered as he let his own finances. But nutritionists say that there are inexpensive products in the diet of many people, which greatly harm them.

Does not mean that all of the available products is an absolute harm to the health. In fact, there are so many cheap products that have more benefits than delicacies.

Experts named the five most affordable but at the same time very harmful products, from which should be abandoned:

Semi – frozen foods that need only be defrosted in a pan (to fry) or boil are the sources of certain substances, which cause damage to the intestines and body as a whole. Better to cook the same dumplings, dumplings, pies, pancakes and other products, are sold in a ready but frozen, at home with his own hands.

Sausages in the sausage and the sausage, no meat, especially in those that are less than 100 UAH/kg. TRANS-fats, flavor enhancers, preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, carcinogens, saturated fats – this sausage a lot, but here’s a useful meat there is is simply no.

Cheese – all buy cheap cheese and not even thinking about cheese. In fact, almost all types of hard cheeses with affordable price tags are nothing but a cheese product. The presence of salt and TRANS fats exceeds all possible limits.

Canned – metals from tin cans get into the product itself, but because it is dangerous, besides, often people are saving, buying this product for the action when he’s nearing the end of the term, and this is a deadly danger, because in fish and meat can grow Clostridium botulinum – the causative agent of botulism.

Ready desserts – the more expensive the sweetness, the more likely that it does not contain palm oil, which is globally recognized as the most harmful product.Eat balanced, including menu of meat, fish, dairy products, cheese, vegetables, fruits, vegetable oil. Keeping a record of food purchases to transition to a healthy diet and 1-2 months after it, you will find that I saved, and even have less to complain of feeling unwell.


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