Scientists explained the origin of two-headed deer

Scientists explained the origin of two-headed deer

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The reasons for these anomalies are unknown.

Two years ago a resident of Minnesota went looking for mushrooms and found very strange thing: a dead two-headed calf. The little corpse was sent to the Department of natural resources of the state and froze, later to learn more. This year the study was completed, and now everyone can read the description of the strange findings.

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Gino D’angelo, an ecologist and expert on deer from Georgia state University, has studied the find: “We can’t even say what the probability of having such an animal — there are no statistics. Of the millions of calves that are born each year in the U.S., some part is born with such abnormalities, but we don’t know what”.

Two-headed calf white-tailed deer were Siamese twins. About other similar cases of deer known only in terms of miscarriages, but these have lived the entire pregnancy and managed to be born.

Conjoined twins are sometimes born of domestic animals, the cases described in cows, sheep and cats. On wild animals is less well known, but scientists believe that it is not only the lack of data, and that with wild animals happens in principle less. From 1671 and 2006, scientists described by 19 pairs of conjoined twins in wild animals, including five pairs — calves.

Then a group of researchers conducted the autopsy, had MRI and CT of the body. The study showed that calves were one for two in the spine, closer to the head divided into two parts. The digestive tract was two, though only one ended where it should. Hearts also had two, and two spleen, but the liver was one, and that is very bad to develop. Light fawns never breathed air (removed and placed in water, they immediately sank to the bottom of the vessel), and therefore, calves born dead.Judging by the position of the body, the mother deer was trying to raise the dead deer at his feet and feed: the maternal instinct is very strong, the researchers note. The body of the calves retained; to see him in the building of the Department of natural resources of Minnesota, in the state capital, St. Paul. A description of it published in the journal the American Midland naturalist is.


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