Sweet tooth note: a list of natural sugar substitutes

Sweet tooth note: a list of natural sugar substitutes

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Nutritionists suggested what products you can replace the sugar.

Lately, more and more people began to think about how to eradicate the “sweet addiction” and start to live a healthy lifestyle.

Scientists liken the sweet tooth of drug-addicted persons, because the sugar causes the same sensations in the human body and persistent dependence, and cocaine.

At least, to give up sugar just like the man without it does not hold more than two hours, it will be extremely difficult. In some cases, there may be similar symptoms during withdrawal from the drug.

Sugar brings old age

Moreover, due to the use of large amounts of sugar and sweets a person can gain weight, so it also harms your own health.

First, spikes in blood glucose trigger release of insulin, which is fraught with serious consequences.

Secondly, due to sugar in the blood vessels accumulate cholesterol, and that is the direct road to the atherosclerosis, hypertension and so on.

Thirdly, sugar contributes to fluid retention in the body, thus there is swelling. And also, it is a powerful stimulator of the natural aging process.

As you can see, the reasons to give up sugar quite a lot, so nutritionists have listed the most useful and natural sweeteners:

– chicory;

powder delights;

– maple syrup;

– med;

– molasses;

– stevia;

– Jerusalem artichoke syrup;

– agave syrup;

syrup artichoke;

– coconut sugar;

brown rice, suropati natural sweeteners can be used in pure form, and can be added to cakes or other dishes that should have a sweet taste.


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